Ginger Oil

Diffuser/Oil Burner
Facial Treatments
Pain Relief
Stress Relief
Earthy & Woody


Usage 4-8 drops dependant on method

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NutraVit’s Ginger Oil perspires a earthy and spicy scent with subtle warming undertones. Produced via steam distillation, our ginger oil improves circulation, hair growth and relieves pain.

  • No testing on animals
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • Entirely natural
  • Modern extraction techniques

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Ginger Essential Oil has earned the nickname “The Oil of Empowerment” for the feeling of confidence that it is known to inspire. Ginger Oil possesses stimulating and warming effects, which can enhance concentration while soothing and reducing the feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety, lethargy, agitation, dizziness, and fatigue.

Ginger oil is recognized in aromatherapy for its invigorating and warming qualities, which can improve attention while calming and relieving emotions of stress, sadness, anxiety, lethargy, agitation, dizziness, and exhaustion.

The cleansing and digestive qualities of ginger essential oil aid in the elimination of impurities and improve digestion. It also relieves stomach and intestinal discomforts such as flatulence, diarrhea, spasms, dyspepsia, stomach ache, and colic.

Ginger essential oil, when used cosmetically or topically in general, can calm redness and eradicate bacteria, particularly redness and bacteria linked with acne. Its antioxidant qualities are believed to preserve the skin by preventing symptoms of skin damage and aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Proper dilution should be observed before applying to the skin to avoid irritation. It can be added to carrier oils, lotions or creams, and hair care products to improve their effectiveness.

It may be simple, but ginger has long stood as one of the most reliable and beneficial essential oils to date! You won’t regret adding it to your collection.

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  • 100% Ginger Oil (Zingiber officinale)
  • 100% Pure Essential Oil
  • Product of China
  • Not tested on animals